Prison Architect Preview – Incarcerated with the Alpha

Mar 04, 2013

Prison Architect is Introversion’s latest game in progress. If you didn’t know they were developing it, one might assume that “it’s just one of those tycoon games”, and write it off. You shouldn’t. It goes far beyond just making money and things operation. It actually gets quite personal among the inmates, and gives you a connection to the world you create.

Prison Architect Alpha 6 is released

Jan 30, 2013

Alpha 6 introduces prisoner risk categories with coloured uniforms to reflect this. Prisoners now have a criminal history and are classified according to perceived risk, however this is an ESTIMATE and may not be accurate – you’ll still need to keep a close eye on the little darlings! They’ve also adjusted the prisoner intake settings to allow even more customization of the game.

All prisoners now have an estimated risk category – minimum, normal, or maximum security. This is reflected with different coloured uniforms so you can see immediately whether you have a pussy-cat or a Bane on your hands. It’s a little more complicated than that, so make sure you read their blog.