Psychonauts 2 Review

Nov 24, 2021

If the Golden Age of Gaming has already passed us by, then we are surely experiencing a renaissance now, in which the possibilities for turning ideas into playable reality are nearly limitless in scope. Modern classics are made regularly, old favorites are being revived and resuscitated through emulation or remasters, top to bottom remakes of landmark games are becoming more commonplace, and beloved fan favorites are getting the sequels they grossly deserve. Enter Psychonauts 2, the long-rumored, highly desired but largely mythical (until recently) follow up to the cult classic original released in 2005. I have fond memories of traipsing about the first Psychonauts‘ trippy mindscapes as Razputin Aquato, budding young misfit adventurer and Psychonaut-to-be, collecting endless figments, exploring bizarre locales that feel ripped directly from the bizarre imaginations of its creators, and utilizing the myriad psychokinetic powers Raz had at his disposal to engage in some serious platforming and mystery solving all in service of thwarting an evil plot to exploit the very Psychonaut agents whose creed it was to protect the world from psychic terrorism.

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May 05, 2017

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