Rock Band 4 receiving major post-launch updates on December 8th

Nov 19, 2015

Harmonix is pleased to reveal details of its plan to support and expand Rock Band 4 as an ongoing live service. The program officially kicks off with its first major feature update on December 8th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Rock Band 4 Review

Oct 27, 2015

Rock Band 4 is my first time playing a game in the plastics instruments genre. I’ve watched at the periphery but just never had a chance to play these games because I was never in a living situation that could accommodate big and loud plastic instruments. But now that I live in my own house, I was finally able to play a Rock Band game. In preparation for this review, I also purchased Rock Band 1-3 as well as Rock Band: Beatles to be able to play them and have some context about the series.

Rock Band 4 “Freestyle” E3 2015 trailer

Jun 15, 2015

They’ve done it: Harmonix announces Rock Band 4 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to release this year

Mar 05, 2015

Harmonix is excited to announce that it is teaming up with Mad Catz to bring Rock Band 4, the next generation of the award-winning social and interactive music gaming platform, to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.