Rush Bros Review

Jul 05, 2013

Rush Bros is a music infused Platform Racing Game that blends music with challenging 2d platforming. When I say challenging, think of something along the lines of Super Meat Boy; still with me? Good. The concept isn’t much different than other players in this genre, make your way to the end of the level in the fastest time possible with the least amount of deaths. The game features a brief story that sets the whole tone for the game. Bass and Treble, two big time music DJs, split their successful duo to become independent artists. Both DJs become successful in their own right and of course if there are two of something, we all have to know which is better. So to determine the better DJ, they take the obvious route and decide to race against one another.

Rush Bros. Now Available on PC

Jan 29, 2013

Independent game developer and publisher Xyla Entertainment is pleased to announce that Rush Bros.™ the music-based platform game where you can use your own music, is now available for sale on the following Digital Retailers. In Rush Bros. you can race against anyone in the world using an internet connection or challenge your friends locally using split screen.Rush Bros. allows you to pick your own music track, making every challenge different as obstacles and environments will react to the tune of your choice. Rush Bros. is currently available for PC and Mac DRM FREE with an Android version also currently being developed. The game is fully cross platform online play enabled allowing PC gamers and Mac gamers to play against each other online. We also have an internal build of Android working and it is also fully cross platform compatible with PC gamers and Mac gamers. Once we complete development on Android, we will have gamers able to play against each other online regardless of their platform, they could be using a PC, Mac, or Android device, and have a seamless online experience not even aware they were playing against another player using a completely different device.

Rush Bros. has always been designed with multiplayer in mind.” says Ian Boswell, Lead Game Designer at Xyla Entertainment, “Ever since watching “The Wizard” when we were young, we’ve wanted to make a Racing/Platforming hybrid with full multiplayer features. We’re happy to say we finally did it.”
In Rush Bros. you will take control of one of two DJs to race across a stylised world of treacherous traps and perfectly placed platforms while using your environment to try to stop the other DJ from reaching the finish before you do. You will be able to see your opponent at all times, so make sure to keep an eye on your foe as they will try to obstruct your progress as well.