SnowRunner Review

May 17, 2021

In working to uncover the map with my scout vehicle when I spotted a oil tanker half-submerged in water. My lightweight transport wasn’t heavy enough or powerful enough to pull me and it out of the muck. So I switched to my off-road powerhouse of a truck, complete with a crane. Once I had arrived, I pulled the tanker out with ease, only to misjudge the angle of the small hill back to the road and tipped myself over. It took a fleet of trucks to hilariously bring my heavy off-roader back onto its wheels to complete the job. It’s things like this that make SnowRunner full of emergent, disastrous moments. SnowRunner is not a new release, but it is new to Steam. And it comes with all free content updates that have come along since last year. This is a game about mathematics, angles, traction, torque, and power. SnowRunner is the best of the series to-date, and is a fantastic globetrotting adventure of enduring extreme weather in a hostile open world to perform the most difficult jobs — so long as you’ve got the patience.