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Shadwen gets 14 New Levels in Free Update, Frozenbyte celebrates 15th Anniversary with sale

Aug 09, 2016

Finnish game developer Frozenbyte has released a free content update to their stealth game Shadwen in celebration of Frozenbyte’s 15 year anniversary in the games industry. The update, called Escape from the Castle,  adds 14 re-worked levels completely for free on all PC, OS X and Linux platforms. The levels are reverse and remade versions of the ones in the orignal campaign – the objective now is to escape from the King’s Castle!

Shadwen Review

May 20, 2016

Shadwen is one of the more refreshing takes on stealth that I’ve gotten to play in recent years. Frozenbyte’s deviation from the Trine series shows that they have a penchant for making beautiful and different styles of games. Though, Shadwen is a game where success happens in short bursts, and failure occurs in large quantities – which is normal for a stealth game. But in the case of Shadwen, this is a game where frustration is out of your control. Thankfully time is in your control, easing what would be a game that would be written off as lackluster, and is instead a challenge worth undertaking.