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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is a thing, and you definitely have to play it now

Aug 09, 2014

Square Enix and United Front Games today confirms that SLEEPING DOGS: DEFINITIVE EDITION is due to launch on October 14, 2014 in North America for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Sleeping Dogs – Year of the Snake Add-On Available Today

Mar 12, 2013

Available for download today, the Year of The Snake add-on pack extends the story of Sleeping Dogs, with a series of all-new, action-packed police missions set immediately after the main game. The Year of the Snake features four new Achievements/Trophies and will be available for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC, priced at 560 MSP / $6.99.

The Year of the Snake sees Wei Shen’s story continue as he rejoins the ranks of the Hong Kong Police Department, only to be caught in chaos. A vicious doomsday cult is taking root in the back streets of Hong Kong… the Cult of the Snake. Hell-bent on cleansing the city of its evils, they cannot be negotiated with as they pursue a murderous path to their righteous salvation.

Wei must enter a race against the clock in an explosive countdown to midnight and bring the cultists to justice before the arrival of Judgement Day. With an arsenal of weapons – including a tear gas launcher and an electroshock pistol – new outfits and abilities, Wei aims to earn back his honor with the HKPD by sabotaging the cultists’ plot to bomb, terrorize and subdue the citizens of Hong Kong.

Through several missions and optional activities, Wei will track down the Cult of the Snake’s leader and personally show him that the world is not about to end for anyone but him and his followers.

Sleeping Dogs content coming this Holiday Season

Nov 13, 2012

This holiday season Sleeping Dogs offers a collection of gameplay add-ons, custom character packs and martial arts missions as six months of additional content continues.

Starting November 14th, Sleeping Dogs players will be able to download the Dragon Master Pack, a collection of weapons, character upgrades, martial arts moves and missions only previously available individually at pre-order.

Packs will be available to download throughout the Holiday Season from Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Steam. More information including on-sale dates and pricing will be made available at

Dragon Master Pack

Featuring five pre-order packs in one, the huge Dragon Master Pack is the ultimate collection of killer content for Sleeping Dogs. Each of the below packs are included, also available to purchase separately:

  • Triad Enforcer Pack: It’s a high-speed shoot-out in Triad Highway; armed with a high-capacity machine gun, fight a tide of Triads… after your head. Death by 1,000 Cuts puts you in a brutal fight club taking on the Triads with a razor-sharp golden cleaver. Wear the Triad Enforcer outfit for added Face and more punishing damage.
  • Police Protection Pack: Unlock the exclusive High Speed police mission featuring the SWAT outfit, SWAT Police Cruiser car and SWAT Assault Rifle.
  • Martial Arts Pack: Unlock the Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased melee damage), the Shaolin Showdown mission and Wing Chun dummy decoration for your safe house.
  • GSP Pack: Dress like Mixed Martial Arts champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre with this collection of shorts, t-shirts and bandana, and devastate your enemies with GSP’s signature flying punch. Also adds increased grappling and throwing damage.
  • Deep Undercover Pack: Unlock the Plain Clothes Detective outfit (with a reduced heat penalty), the Undercover Police Ghost Car and a CB Radio for your safe house.

Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in North Point – Screenshots and Teaser Trailer

Oct 19, 2012

In life, Big Scar Wu was one of Hong Kong’s most ruthless triad gangsters. Feared as much by those who stood against him as those who stood by him in the Sun On Yee, it was decided by the Grand Dragon that he must be stopped. Looking to send a message, they had him stabbed 42 times before feeding his bleeding corpse to the grinder at the Smiley Cat cat food plant… his final resting place, in the food bowls of the city’s pet cats. It is said that if the wronged receive anything less than a proper burial, their spirit will almost certainly come back as a Hungry Ghost, damned to starve in the afterlife, feeding only on their hatred. You turn him into cat food and that’s pretty much guaranteed.


Now, Hell has a sense of humour. When Big Scar Wu arrived in the underworld and word spread of his demise, they renamed him Smiley Cat, much to his chagrin, with the name fuelling his bitterness with every utterance and driving his thirst for revenge. Rising from Hell and vowing to exact his revenge, Smiley Cat has raised an army of Jiang Shi, vowing to destroy the Sun On Yee and to create Hong Kong’s most fearsome criminal empire.

With the city in chaos and its citizens possessed, Wei Shen now faces a challenge far more sinister than any before. To save Hong Kong, he must seek out the most powerful of Chinese magic, endowing him with a power strong enough to take on Smiley Cat’s army of Jiang Shi and face-off against the ghosts of Triads he has defeated in the past, sending the dead back to Hell once and for all.

Nightmare in North Point will be available this Halloween, Wednesday, October 31st. Available to download from the PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Steam.

Sleeping Dogs Review

Aug 27, 2012

– Scott Ellison

Our Score: 4 / 5 – Awesome

After moving publishers and changing names, True Crime: Hong Kong is now Sleeping Dogs but the game remains the same. You are Wei Shen of San Francisco Police Department who has come back to Hong Kong after a long absence to infiltrate the Triad, known as the Sun On Yee in an Undercover mission. Can Wei separate himself from the case without getting too involved?

Once Wei gets in, he must do things that he doesn’t necessarily want to. He does make sure to be as non-lethal as possible. The Triad does catch on to this, and have outed undercover cops in the past who refuse to kill for the cause. So Wei must earn his place in Sun On Yee. Early missions have you do simple things such as collecting debts, and getting into fights while driving from place to place. Collecting vehicles isn’t about stealing them and storing them in a garage. You can’t buy from regular dealerships, but most go to less than reputable places and purchase cars that can be stored in your personal parking garage strewn about town and next to places you live. Later on you’ll earn an ability to have the Triad bring you one vehicle tagged to your location. Now Wei is in deep.

Sleeping Dogs follows a typical Hong Kong action flick formula: there’s drugs, hookers, racing, death, fighting, and a good amount of shooting. When the story and gameplay work together, you’re able to see it all work together. Unfortunately the story is very predictable and won’t leave you very surprised. When the big story moments happen, they are less impactful as a result.

Driving involves straddling a line between arcade and realism handling. The game’s idea of sense of speed is quite lacking, using motion blur and shaking the camera to accomplish this. The “action hijack” maneuver is fantastic while not realistic, drive fast and hang out your car door and when you come upon a car a green arrow displays and you’ll leap to it and take it over. You can never miss, but sometimes you can be shaken off the vehicle by an informed driver. It’s almost like a minigame, but you only find yourself doing this in missions, rarely outside of them.

Combat is fast and fluid. Players of Batman Arkham City will feel at home though it is a bit scaled back. Button configuration is quite similar. You’ll have a base set of moves that you can execute. After a bit of practice you should be able to take on 5-7 thugs at a time without taking any damage. If you find certain collectables, you’ll be able to find new combos and moves to execute to make you do better.

After a short time you’re let loose in Hong Kong to do as you please, take on missions, improve your fighting moves, and go on dates. Dates aren’t very varied but mostly focus on karaoke, taking pictures, or driving fast to satisfy the needs of a woman who doesn’t like going slow. There are also a bunch of collectibles and things to do in the open world such as finding the fighting statues mentioned above, finding health shrines to boost your health, performing drug busts, hijacking armored vehicles for cash, or even hacking random cameras.

Graphics on PC (where it was reviewed) are top notch, including a free “HD Texture Pack” extra, featured in the screenshots. The city of Hong Kong really shines when the rain-slicked roads shimmer from the neon lights. Cars behave differently when roads are wet and gives the city of Hong Kong atmosphere and character as everything else around it isn’t real. The improved textures make everything pop and stand out, and is a technical achievement for making it look like a place that is full of life.

As with many open world games, it has its problems. I had a few instances where textures didn’t load, but the geometry held me up. Or there were a few occasions where characters would stop proceeding towards the next mission checkpoint or I would simply get stuck and have to restart the entire mission. Even some of the story missions presented are just plain boring and offer no real excitement, just are filler missions. Only until the final missions, the game rolls from one mission to the next with intensity and ferocity.

Sleeping Dogs is top to bottom a really good story that shows its hand at every card that’s dealt. But through it all, it makes it one of the most enjoyable open world games that isn’t too crazy or too serious that gets in the way of having a good time. If you have a powerful PC, get it there for the HD Texture Pack. If not though, you’ll find a rewarding experience that challenges the duality of an undercover cop and being a Triad.

Retails for: $59.99, Recommended Purchase Price: $47.99

Get Rico’s outfit from Just Cause 2 when you play Sleeping Dogs

Jul 25, 2012

With United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs three weeks from release, Square Enix London Studios today revealed Just Cause 2 players will find an exciting piece of free content available in the hotly anticipated open world cop drama.

Available in-game from launch, players browsing protagonist Wei Shen’s safehouse wardrobe will gain access to a unique new player outfit… a Just Cause 2 clothes set. Featuring Rico Rodriguez’ trademark look, players stepping out onto the streets of Hong Kong dressed as the King of Chaos will gain a distinct boost to their action hijack ability, allowing them to perform stunt-style takeovers of enemy vehicles from an even greater distance.

This exclusive Just Cause 2 clothes set will be available in-game from launch across all formats upon detection of a Just Cause 2 game save on the machine’s hard drive.

Sleeping Dogs Video Walkthrough of “Mrs. Chu’s Revenge” Mission

Jul 24, 2012

Producer Dan Sochan narrates a complete mission in the game, explaining down the systems in Sleeping Dogs and showcasing the game’s best-in-class combat.


E3 2012: Sleeping Dogs

Jun 09, 2012

After buying True Crime: Hong Kong from Activision and changing the name, the game is almost finished for release. The demo is in full from a recent trailer and features on foot combat and chasing trough crowds and facing multiple enemies and using the environment around you to aid in defeating enemies. Once you beat the boss, the demo ends. Really short. I think being able to be a really free form melee fighter in a third person game brings something fresh to not just be a typical action game or brawler. There was no driving seen in the trailers for this demo, sadly.

There’s a lot of blood, gore, and violence here that would make Grand Theft Auto blush.

Sleeping Dogs 101 – Trailer and New Screenshots

May 24, 2012

The world of Sleeping Dogs is one loaded with possibilities and divergent play. Players traverse a sprawling open world via multiple vehicles including cars, motorcycles and boats, engage in brutal combat through the game’s deep hand-to-hand and firearms systems, and explore the gritty triad underbelly that resides behind Hong Kong’s glittering façade.

To help outline what players will encounter in game, we present our “Sleeping Dogs 101” trailer – a comprehensive video summary narrating and showing the key features in the game.