Afghanistan ’11 Review

Apr 26, 2017

Making a game about the war in Afghanistan is a difficult task, one that must be a careful blend of respect and entertainment. To which, the developers at Every Single Soldier have done successfully. While Afghanistan ’11 is a follow-up to Vietnam ’65, containing the same type of gameplay but a whole new world and whole new era that separates the two games greatly. Afghanistan ’11 takes you through a different kind of war, one that requires forward thinking and spinning a record number of plates to keep everyone in the game happy, those local and those abroad.

Order of Battle: Pacific is now Order of Battle: World War II, and FREE

Jun 14, 2016

Order of Battle, is being reshaped into Order of Battle: World War IIThe game is now free to play and includes the bootcamp scenarios (tutorial) plus the first mission of every available DLC for hours of free gameplay.

Last Days of Old Earth leaves Early Access for Full Release

Jun 07, 2016

During Last Days of Old Earth‘s time in Early Access, players have learned how to customize armies and forge grand strategies by choosing between dozens of heroes and units. They’ve mastered special abilities, such as sneaking up on the opponent’s hero to assassinate them, or dominating the skies to strike at the heart of the enemy forces from the air.