Soda Drinker Pro has finally been Greenlit on Steam

Feb 04, 2015


Soda Drinker Pro is a simulation that contains a full game, Vivian Clark

Apr 10, 2013

The exsistance of Vivian Clark was originally announced at the Soda Drinker Pro booth at Pax in this interview with Giant Bomb. The only way to access Vivian Clark is through a hidden passage inside Soda Drinker Pro Here’s a tutorial on how.

Because the reception for Vivian Clark was so encouraging at Pax we decided to take it a big step further, so we are running a Kickstarter for the game The current version has 40 worlds but if its successful we are hoping to expand it to 150-500 worlds(maybe even more!). We also want to make every aspect of the game better.  The current demo is still a little quirky and still needs a lot of tweaking.  But if the Kickstarter is successful we’ll be able to spend the time to work on it full time, and make it something like no other!