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Take On Helicopters Review

– Scott Ellison

Our Score: 3 / 5 – Okay

Take On Helicopters feels like familiar territory as the menus, the flying, and the overall look to the game is the ArmA II engine. There have been modifications made here and there, but a side-by-side comparison will seem like the same game. But really they play much differently than its engine forebearer.

Similar to ArmA II, there is Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Scenarios, and an Editor to create your missions. The Singleplayer features a career in which you progress in increasingly difficult tasks. The Scenarios mode also include challenges for you to complete to test your skills. And also include Benchmarks that can test your machine’s ability at showing you the game.

The Editor is a deep and expansive toolkit in which you can create an open-ended mission or create an elaborate set of rules to follow to make it extremely challenging for yourself. Multiplayer is server based and you and friend and strangers alike can jump online and complete tasks together or can free flight ignoring objectives and ultimately destroy each other mid-air crashes.

Regardless of the mode or scenario, you will die, and often until you get it right. I was able to use mouse and keyboard as well as an Xbox 360 gamepad to play the game with minimal learning curve. I would expect an actual flight stick would make flying a much better experience, and likely a preferred one. But if you don’t have either, both control options are more than suitable for the game’s needs.

The Free Flight mode provides some tranquility in your flights as you can jump into your helicopter (any which one you choose) and decide on a location to fly in. Seattle is the best location to do that as it is highly populated with buildings and other monuments you are familiar with. The other locations that were also featured in ArmA II however, feel particularly creepy if you’ve played the DayZ mod and have played on them from the ground.

One feature about the game I enjoyed was the ability to get out of the aircraft and move about. This can be done with the helicopter running or not. It’s neat to turn your helicopter on and get out to admire it’s beauty in motion. You can’t stray too far, but being able to land on a tall building in Seattle, get out and admire the city is quite a sight.

Take On Helicopters does nearly everything right when it comes to getting a feel for flying a helicopter. The graphics engine provides stellar graphics and missions are surprisingly interesting. Bohemia Interactive has crafted a wonderful game. If you only have a passing interest in helicopters, this won’t do much to convert you into a hardcore fan as the flight model isn’t very forgiving. There’s plenty to do and taking to the skies online with friends can provide many hours of entertainment.

Retails for: $29.99, recommended purchase price: $17.99

A download code was provided by Bohemia Interactive for review purposes


ArmA 2 rearms Take On Helicopters in free DLC

Armacopters – With the release of update 1.06 (codenamed Downtown), Bohemia Interactive has rearmed its latest game Take On Helicopters. Aside a large number of fixes, improvements and optimizations to the core engine, the new Downtown update also implements a major new free DLC called Take On Helicopters: Rearmed. This DLC offers a convenient way for people owning titles suchs as Arma 2Arma 2: Operation ArrowheadArma 2: Combined Operations to get that content into Take On Helicopters.

Take On Helicopters Project Lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land about the Rearmed initiative:

“When we initially developed Take On Helicopters, its focus was on civilian flight. We still believe in this non-combat gameplay, but of course our studio’s origins lie in military gaming. By using some clever ways of merging installed products, without the player having to tweak manual settings, it is now possible to combine the two worlds. Take On Helicopters gets an incredible amount of new content, while many of the improvements are applied to it as well. I love flying a helicopter over Chernarus, bathed in improved lighting and covered by the beautiful clouds. Takistan is a more detailed part of South Asia and the ideal playground for combined arms desert operations.”

Additionally, a number of fixes and improvements to the core technology, which had recently been applied to other Bohemia Interactive games via the Operation Arrowhead beta patch program, have been ported across to Take On Helicopters – resulting in a significant performance boost when flying over densely populated areas such as Seattle Downtown, plus increased stability in the multiplayer code.

Last but not least, aspiring pilots might like to know that the price of Take On Helicopters, and the Take On Helicopters: Hinds DLC, has been significantly reduced. It means people can now start flying for up to 37% less than the original price.

To apply the Downtown update (including the free Rearmed DLC), players can download the installer from the updates section on the game’s official website. The Steam version of Take On Helicopters will be updated automatically.

Patch highlights:


Take On Helicopters and Noisecontrollers get together for Free DLC

Dropping in clouds – In support of the free Take On Noisecontrollers DLC for Bohemia Interactive’s Take On Helicopters, the studio released a new developer’s blog on the unique collaboration with the famous DJ and producer duo. The article sheds some more light on the behind-the-scenes process of this remarkable venture.

In Noisecontrolled, Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, who created the Noisecontrollers DLC in his free time and is the Project Lead on Take On Helicopters, explains how the idea for mixing a helicopter game with hardstyle music came to be. He also vividly describes how it eventually tied in with one of the most popular hardstyle festival in the Netherlands, Defqon.1 2012.

Project Lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land:

“At first glance it may not seem like a logical marriage: electronic music and helicopter games. The links between the two themes came from the personal interests of myself and several others who helped along the way. With this project I did not set out to optimize profits or find the biggest target audience. It’s important to keep in mind that TON was not developed in Bohemia Interactive’s work hours. Those involved contributed in their own time and because they wanted to deliver something cool. I’ll just go ahead and say it: this was purely selfish, and I’m proud to have done it!”

The full developer’s blog is now available at http://www.bistudio.com/english/company/developers-blog/321-noisecontrolled

Take On Helicopters pilots can download the DLC for free at: http://takeonthegame.com/noisecontrollers/

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