Trials Evolution Gold Edition Review

Mar 22, 2013

RedLynx has supervised Ubisoft Shanghai on PC version of Trials Evolution. The game is a bit more than just a port of the extremely successful and highly rated XBLA version. It actually includes the full game of Trials HD as well, the game that first started infuriating players back in 2009. Some technical issues get in the way and not all the content you expect is present.

Trials Evolution announced

Jun 07, 2011

RedLynx ( today announced Trials Evolution for Xbox LIVE Arcade, the follow-up to its best-selling, critically acclaimed hit, Trials HD.

Trials Evolution is more than just a sequel to Trials HD,” said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx. “We listened carefully to all the feedback we received from the previous game and added it to our own vision of what the ultimate Trials game could be, coming up with a gamer’s wish list of must-play features.” He promised more details would be revealed in the future.

The game announcement was accompanied by a teaser trailer, available on the Xbox LIVE Arcade dashboard, Spike TV, and other outlets, just prior to its announcement. The teaser offers a brief glimpse of the Trials action to come.

Here is the trailer for easy viewing:



“Including the base game and both DLCs, Trials HD has sold more than two million copies since its release, making it one of the best-selling games on Xbox LIVE Arcade of all time,” said Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx. “And most importantly has also maintained a Metacritic score of 86 since its release among critics, and an even more generous 90 amongst gamers.”

“All these factors, including awards such as Best Nordic Game of 2010, Best Finnish Game of 2010, and Best Download of 2009 as voted by the Xbox LIVE Arcade community, made another Trials game something we really wanted to do,” Virtala said. “But we took our time in carefully planning and developing it before announcing it, because we wanted to do it right.”

Trials Evolution is expected to launch on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade service in 2011.


Trials HD Reaches Two Million Unit Sales

May 27, 2011

Giant Ball…of money!

Trials HD was easily one of my favorite XBLA games from Xbox’s “Summer of Arcade” back in 2009. It provided a lot of fun and challenge, and with quick reload times it was easy to keep trying and waste hours and hours. RedLynx ( announced today that Trials HD, its award-winning motorcycle stunts game for Xbox LIVE Arcade, has surpassed the two million units sold mark across the base game and both DLCs.

“It’s been a little more than a year and a half since Trials HD was released,” said Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx. “For a digitally downloaded game, this is a significant milestone, and shows one of the many ways the digital space is quickly growing and the industry itself is changing and evolving.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the success, and we’d like to thank all our fans for their continuous support and enthusiasm for our game.”

Gamers and journalists alike have been asking what’s next for the Trials franchise, and with this latest milestone achievement questions are likely to form again, but so far the developer has declined to divulge its next move.

“Naturally we are quite pleased with the success of Trials HD, but the most important thing for us is to continue making excellent games that other gamers will like,” said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx. “Whatever the future holds remains to be seen, but currently we have six teams working on six games, so I can guarantee there are other great RedLynx games in the works.

“Other than that, I must remain silent. It is the Finnish way. That, and sitting in a stiflingly hot sauna during midsummer without saying a word. That is the Finnish way.”


Trials HD Spring Special this Friday!

Apr 12, 2011

We know what Microsoft’s secret deal is on Friday: It’s Trials HD and the Big Thrills DLC!

RedLynx announced today that Trials HD, the award-winning Xbox LIVE Arcade title, will be available for 600 points on Friday, April 15. The full game is normally available for 1200 points.

In addition, Trials HD – Big Thrills, the action-packed second DLC for the game, will be offered at only 200 points from now until April 18, instead of at its normal 400 points. The special reductions are part of a Microsoft Game Studio special program, and will be in place worldwide.

“Spring is coming, which in Finland is the traditional season of purchasing challenging, competitive Xbox LIVE Arcade titles,” said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx. “It is a time of rebirth and renewal, and crushing new Trials HD tracks with amazing runs.”

For more information on Trials HD, visit

We’ve given away DLC, announced the Triple Pack, and talked about this phenominal game a lot. This Friday is a great deal (50% off for crying out loud) for the game and DLC, I suggest you get on it. It’ll be a ONE DAY deal for the game.

Xbox Live Arcade ‘Triple Pack’ brings best-sellers to store shelves

Mar 28, 2011

Rumors of the “Arcade Triple Pack” have been confirmed thanks to RedLynx (developers of Trials HD):

The ‘Triple Pack’ bundle will be available in North America on April 19, Europe on May 13, and Japan on May 19, for a suggested retail price of $29.99. Along with Trials HD, the ‘Triple Pack’ includes Splosion Man and LIMBO, two other popular XBLA titles. It will also include a 48-hour Xbox LIVE Gold trial and 160 Microsoft Points.

“Having Trials HD available at retail is exciting,” said Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx. “While Trials HD is in many ways the poster child of the digital download revolution, we understand that there are still many gamers who only purchase games through traditional retailers.”

“Thanks to our partners at Microsoft, all Xbox 360 owners now have a chance to check out the Trials experience, along with two other great games.”

For more information on Trials HD, visit the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to experience Trials HD, Splosion Man, or LIMBO – this is your chance and I highly recommend it. The price is unbeatable considering each game is $15 currently on Xbox Live Arcade. Each games provides a different experience and will be well worth your time.

Trials HD DLC Big Contest – BIG WINNERS!

Feb 28, 2011

The contest is officially over! It was a really great turnout and all winners were chosen with a random number generator from RANDOM.ORG. Without further delay, here are the winners of the Saving Content Trials HD DLC Big Contest!

Winners of Big Pack DLC:

  • Dalton B.
  • Ben B.
  • Justin D.


Winners of Big Thrills DLC:

  • John H.
  • Rob B.
  • Alexander G.

All winners have been contacted through Facebook message on my account: Scott Ellison II with their DLC codes. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating! Look forward to more contests in the future.

Big Contest! Win Trials HD DLC!!

Feb 18, 2011

The RedLynx guys have been kind enough to give us 6 DLC codes for Trials HD. There are 3 for Big Pack DLC and 3 for the Big Thrills DLC. So we’re going to give them away! The DLC does require the full game of Trials HD for Xbox Live Arcade, found here and costs 1200 Microsoft Points or $15 USD.

How to Enter:

  1. You must become a fan of our Facebook page by pressing the “Like” button as a base entry.
  2. Next, there will be a separate post on the Facebook page for the Big Pack DLC and for the Big Thrills DLC.
  3. Then, “Like” the post you want the DLC for, and that will cast a full entry into the drawing. You CAN enter into both DLCs if you don’t have it.

And that’s it! We will not accept Twitter replies or Comments in this post as an entry, only on Facebook.

LAST DATE TO ENTER: February 25th

Winners will be contacted and announced by February 28th with their respective DLC codes!