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Join our Test Drive Unlimited 2 Club

Well today the BIG patch from Atari/Eden came out fixing a lot of the crippling bugs that have hurt the game since launch for all systems.

To see current status, visit the respective forum for each platform: 360 | PS3 | PC

One of the things that are back on-line, are the Clubs. As of today I formed the Saving Content Club. Currently, our club has an 8-player limit and at least 2 members will be Staff. We are open to Recruit up to 4 people who play TDU2 on Xbox 360 and want to race with us. It’ll take $5,000,000 in-game money between all in the club to upgrade it to the next level, a 16-player club. So find me, gamertag: Hawk xSx or the club as mentioned before to apply. If we have anyone that creates a Club on PS3 or PC, we will let you know so if you have it on that platform, you can join it there.