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Raptr now has 10 million registered gamers


Raptr (, the leading social network for gamers, now has more than 10 million registered users, including more than one million daily active users.  Raptr provides a centralized hub for people to connect, share and discover content about the games they love.  Built with powerful proprietary data tracking features, Raptr delivers personalized news and content based on players’ interests and gameplay activities.

“With more than 10 million users, Raptr has become a vibrant community for gamers to share and discover a fun mix of content about the games they are passionate about.  We’re constantly adding features that enhance the Raptr community by leveraging our deep data tracking to help users get more out of their games and fuel conversation between players with similar interests,” said Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr.  “As a result, Raptr is also in a unique position to provide developers and publishers a deeper understanding of consumer trends and habits, helping game creators connect with their consumers in meaningful ways.”

In May, Raptr launched an all-new personalized news feed allowing players to “follow” gaming topics that interest them.  We happened to be one of those Launch Partners. If you use Raptr, give us a follow there. In just three months, users have followed more than 500 thousand topics related to upcoming game launches.

Raptr analyzes more than 23 million gaming sessions and a billion minutes of gameplay each month, and is the industry’s only source for comprehensive gameplay trends and statistics across consoles and PC. Raptr partners with video game publishers who bundle Raptr’s client into their games to enhance their products with social features that increase adoption, interaction and revenue.  It also provides game developers and publishers with deep insight into player trends across titles, genres and platforms.

I really like Raptr and what they provide. It makes it easy to “show off” the games you’re playing to friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. They also have great contests and promotions such as the more recent Summer of Raptr. Xfire was popular for a while, but I see Raptr becoming the standard – it’s quite a useful tool to connect you with people of similar interests.