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The War of the Worlds Avatar Items Now Available

One of the most stylish, haunting and affecting titles of the year, The War of the Worlds, now has awesome Avatar items for Xbox LIVE users! Show off to your friends with these stylish items that let them know you’re ready to take on the alien invasion.

The available Avatar items for The War of the Worlds include:

  • – War of the Worlds tripod tee shirt (80 MS Points)
  • – Keep Calm and Carry On Tee Shirt (80 MS Points)
  • – Tripod helmet for (160 MS Points)
  • – A Tripod pet that will encircle and interact with your Avatar (240 MS Points)
  • – A Drone pet that searches around you and scans with its spotlight (240 MS Points)
  • – A Spider pet that climbs around your Avatar [like in-game] (240 MS Points)

The War of the Worlds is now available to download for 800 MS Points ($10.00). For more information about The War of the Worlds, please