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Kinect and “Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13” Bring Your Swing Home

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As the first-ever sports simulation game for Kinect for Xbox 360, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 will provide gamers with a whole new level of immersion while playing the game. Kinect tracks full body movements to create the most advanced virtual golf swing to date. Golf fans can play the game controller-free and use voice-enabled commands, which provide for a unique and fun way to hit the links. The full body movement tracking scans more than 1,000 data points in real-time to recognize the player’s swing mechanics and create a virtual golf swing like never before.

By utilizing Kinect, gamers can not only play the game with their body, they can navigate all the front-end menus with simple hand motions. In addition, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 features a “See it, Say it” functionality. “See it, Say it” allows gamers to say any command they see on the screen and execute it in game. For example, if a player wants to use a different club and change the game’s default club selection they simply have to say “Change Club, 5 Iron”. Through the power of Kinect, there is no need to toggle through menu options with the traditional controller.

You can read more about it at the EA Sports Blog: