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Lollipop Chainsaw’s Juliet Gets Dressed Up With New Skins

Juliet Starling cares about three things in the post-apocalyptic world: saving her bodiless boyfriend Nick, keeping her trusty chainsaw running and sporting a spicy wardrobe while she obliterates the zombie onslaught.  In Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet will, of course, be in her signature cheerleader get-up, but a girl can never have too many outfits in her closet.  All of these threads are included in the full retail version of Lollipop Chainsaw for free and can be unlocked throughout the campaign.

Some of the sexy costumes Juliet will don in Lollipop Chainsaw include:

 · Sexy American Casual – This sexy get-up leaves little to the imagination

· American Cheerleader Costume – Show ‘em how much you love freedom in this cheer outfit

· Purple Pride Uniform – Visiting team alternate uniform

· Date Night Outfit – Great for a date with your body less soul mate

· Bunny Costume – Juliet’s bunny doll is slightly worse for wear

· Crash Helmet – Approved by the Department of Transportation

· Cordelia’s Costume – Calm, cool, collected – Cordelia’s killer style

· Rosalind’s Costume – Rosalind’s slickest outfit on-lend to Juliet – Dry clean only

· Dad’s Costume – Expert zombie hunter lounge wear

· Mom’s Costume – Sexy MILF clothes straight from Mom’s closet

· Japanese Maid Costume – Cleaning up a zombie mess has never been more appropriate

· Sexy Rider Suit – Pink leather jumpsuit with a strategically placed zipper

· Busujima Saeko Costume – Busujima Saeko’s costume from High School of the Dead

· Haruna Costume – Haruna from Is This a Zombie?

· Shiro Costume – Shiro’s costume from Deadman Wonderland

· Manyu Chifusa Costume – Samurai costume from Manyu Scroll

· Miyamoto Rei Costume – Miyamoto Rei’s costume from High School of the Dead

· Striped Bikini – A beach staple, perfect for those hot summer days

· Sexy Seashell Bikini – Mermaids got nothing on Juliet