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Electronic Arts E3 2012 Press Conference Reaction

ea e3 press conferecne

Abdul’s Take:

EA showed all of their traditional titles (Madden, FIFA, Need for Speed) and didn’t have too much new or exciting to show. It seems as though Medal of Honor is to Battlefield what Treyarch’s Call of Duty is to Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty games, as well. The new physics engine in Madden did look interesting, but it usually takes a few years before physics engines are refined in sports games. Dana White showing up on stage to announce an EA deal with UFC was shocking, and Most Wanted looked fantastic, but other than that there wasn’t much to write home about.

Grade: C+


Ed’s Take:

Everything shown was expected except for that UFC surprise.  There was a lot of focus around Sports and and Battlefield/Medal of Honor which if you like that stuff would be great but honestly I’m feeling the modern military shooter genre getting tired.  Need for speed was refreshing, glad to see Criterion is following up Hot Pursuit with something that looks equally as good, if not better.

Grade: C-