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Raptr Rewards to offer RaiderZ Beta Keys today


Raptr’s looking for a few good demon hunters — we’ve secured 10,000 spots in the upcoming closed beta for RaiderZ (beta launches August 8th), by eminent publisher Perfect World Entertainment!

This beautiful open-world game, set in the mythical land of Rendel, is all about partying up with other players and eradicating giant demons via action-based combat (as opposed to autoattacks and tab targeting). Nothing is wasted while on the hunt — gamers will harvest weapon improvements and ultimately feast on the kill as they strive to uncover the origins of the monsters’ invasion.

To earn your spot in a RaiderZ hunting party, you must be ranked Amateur or above in any Perfect World game and have your Facebook synced with Raptr. (Run the Raptr PC Desktop App to track all your Perfect World gameplay hours. Details on our ranking system here .)

This reward is available internationally. Winners will receive a code that they must redeem via Perfect World’s website, and they will then be notified once the beta goes live.