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Doodle Jump Ninja – Update for iPhone / iPod Touch Now Available

Lima Sky has unleashed a massive free content update to their wildly popular mobile game, Doodle Jump. This is the largest update to the game since it launched over three years ago, and it brings a Ninja Theme with new characters and power-ups, with the ability to purchase upgrades in a new in-game store.

Exclusive to the Ninja theme are 4 unique characters:

  • Ninja: Classic ninja outfit
  • Sumo: Stomps to shake monsters off ledges
  • Shadow: Invisible to monsters
  • Double Jumper: Can do an extra jump mid-air

Also included in the Update are new power ups:

  • Resurrect Barrel: Provides an extra life
  • Head Start Cannon: Gives a healthy head start to the next game

Doodle Jump is an Apple Design Award-winning mobile game sensation that has become an instant must-have classic.

Now available on the App Store for $0.99: