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Ultima IX: Ascension released and all Ultima games On Sale, the DRM-free digital purveyor of priceless PC games both classic and brand new, released the final game in the award-winning and well-loved Ultima series of RPGs: Ultima IX: Ascension.


The ninth installment of the Ultima series takes a leap into a vivid, detailed 3D environment that adds a whole new level of interaction to the exploration of the realm. Britannia was always one of the most life-like, well-developed, king-sized virtual lands, but this new perspective makes the experience of “living” in it much more immersive. The combination of a story of epic proportions, solid mechanics–true to the classic cRPG spirit, and that achingly familiar Ultima setting, Ultima IX: Ascension a memorable title that all role-players should experience for themselves.

In celebration of the event, has started a week-long sale on all Ultima titles–including Ultima IX–up to 50% off until 30 August 2012 at 10:59 AM GMT. That’s all 9 of the Ultima games, plus Ultima Underworld 1 + 2 and Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire and Worlds of Ultima Martian Dreams, available on now for a total of just $17.94.