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Dwarfs!? goes F2P on Steam

Tripwire Interactive and Power of 2 are pleased to announce that Dwarfs!? – the annoyingly addictive little game of dwarves, mining, gold and monsters – is now free to play on Steam. At $9.99, the game spent months sitting in the Top 10 on Steam’s “Indie” category after launch, having spent the first week as Number 1 and recieved praise for being “good value”. Now it is even better value – free.

The FREE version includes:

  • Addictive Arcade Mode with two difficulty levels
  • Challenge Mode, where you can put your overseer-abilities to the test with, well, challenges
  • Tutorial mode, voiced by none other than Simon of Yogscast fame
  • Leaderboards and Achievements to show everyone the size of your beard
  • …and Zombies!

And for those that want to expand the game (you were wondering how it would make any money, weren’t you?), there will be a number of available expansion packs that you can buy as DLC:

  • Difficulty pack: adds two more difficulty levels to the core Arcade mode, for some serious challenge, if you think you’re hard enough!
  • Endless mode pack: where you can keep mining forever, and ever, and ever…
  • Base defend pack: like Tower Defense, but you have a Base, not a Tower; and the tunnels aren’t laid out for you – your Dwarfs dig them
  • Skirmish pack: adds 3 more modes – Rush Mode, where the Dwarf spawning knows no bounds; Dark Mode, where the whole cave is, well, dark, making exploring more exciting (and dangerous) and Sandbox Mode, where you can basically do everything you ever dreamed of (so long as you dream of dwarves)
  • Summer Carnival pack: the extra mode added for the Summer event – lots of goblins to throw axes at; you don’t get to throw the dwarves – you need to use the Dwarf Cannon in Arcade Mode for that!

You can now grab the F2P version of Dwarfs!? (at a permanent 100% discount) on Steam here: All the separate add-on packs can be bought through the game itself, or you can just buy the complete game here: