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Chivalry: Medeval Warfare gets a Major Update, Talks about the Future, and is on Sale!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare gets its first major patch, fixing a massive amount of items that the players have been asking for. I even noted some issues in my review, I’m very glad to see them listen to the community and continue to make free updates for what I found to be a highly entertaining and skillful game.

Patch includes:

  • Completely redone server browser
  • Fixed connection issues
  • Rework of ranged combat (New animations, sounds, Crosshair “Feel”)
  • Smoothed out animations
  • Massive amount of bug fixes and polish
  • Balance tweaks
  • Fixed auto team balance system
  • Improved weapon unlock/rank system reliability

Find Full Patch Notes here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5698

We have also added veteran helmets, which you unlock once you have unlocked all of the primary weapons for a specific class.

Veteran Helmets:





Looking to the Future

Now just a month after release, Steve Piggott, the lead game designer of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare sits down to answer community questions and speak about the future of the game. In the video Steve promises a ton of new, free content coming to Chivalry and also talks about the surprising success of the game and the excitement for the whole team at Torn Banner Studios right now:


Chivalry is also 33% off on Steam right now as part of the Steam Autumn Sale! A great time to grab it for yourself or a friend:
Available here: