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Game Music of the Week #1 : Tower of Heaven

Hi there! Welcome to the first installment of Saving Content’s new weekly series on Video Game music! We’ll be sharing with you some of our personal favorites and just about anything else. As long as it’s worthy VGM (Video Game Music)!

In our first episode, I’ve chosen some VGM that’s very near and dear to my heart. Tower of Heaven is an indie game by askiisoft. In it, you play a creature trying to simply climb to the top of a tower that (unsurprisingly) reaches towards the heavens. With an amazing soundtrack by  “flashygoodness“, Tower of Heaven is one of my all time favorite indie games. With it’s moody Game Boy-esqe visuals and equally emotional soundtrack, it truly deserves the attention of your eyes AND ears. “Luna Ascension” the title track, is especially inspired, recalling the works of JRPGs of old. I’ve embedded the soundtrack below but PLEASE play the game and buy the soundtrack if you like what you hear!


Side Note: I’d like to thank Brett Elston, Capcom Community Manager AND VGM enthusiast. Without his love for Game Music and his unbridled need to share the good stuff with everyone, I probably wouldn’t care for or about VGM as much as I do.