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2 Dawn Games is on Sale Today and will have Free DLC

Following the news of Ravaged’s permanent price drop to $9.99 and its current Autumn Steam and Rain Digital Games sale at $4.99, 2 Dawn Games and Reverb Publishing today revealed a sneak peak at the three-month blueprint of downloadable content for the first-person shooter.

On Thursday, December 20, 2 Dawn Games’ first substantial content drop will hit Ravaged owners like a virtual Statue of Liberty crashing down on their heads. The busy development team plans to deliver three free DLC additions, the first of which will include a wild assortment of enormous vehicles, new guns, maps, and new tech features.

The developer also will make available a new character skin, exclusive to players who bought their game from EA’s digital platform, OriginRavaged is the very first Kickstarter-funded game to be featured on EA’s growing digital distribution site.

Best known for its work on popular first-person shooters Desert Storm, Battlefield 2, and Frontlines: Fuel of War, the New York-based indie developer will hand gamers two additional DLC drops in January and February 2013.

[box_light]Ravaged is available now and can be purchased at SteamRain2 Dawn GamesGameStopGamers GateOriginGreen Man Gamingand GameFly. The Clan Pack (four copies of Ravaged) is also on sale at $14.99.[/box_light]