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Sine Mora PS3 is The Version to Own

This is an update to my existing, and glowing review of Sine Mora for XBLA.

The gorgeous visuals, soft music and sleek UI offer a great presentation. The music is soft and contrasts to the hectic and wild gameplay that tests your patience as well as your skills. Not much has changed in Sine Mora since we last saw it. However, the PSVita, PC, XBLA versions of the game are virtually identical to each other as far as modes go. The Playstation 3 version however, stands out with the new brutally difficult, “Challenge Mode”.

I’ve had longer runs in Dark Souls than I survive in any one of Sine Mora’s Challenge Levels. They’re infuriating and frustrating, yes, but I keep trying over and over again thanks to the fast reload times. Without that, the game and mode would have a new layer of anger and hatred. Was I able to beat all of the challenges? No. Was I able to beat most of them? No. Was I able to beat some of them? Yes. These challenges are the definition of hard. If you don’t understand, then maybe this quote from the publisher about the developers will leave you unsettled:

Having exclusive levels is cool, but a brand new game mode is even better. We wanted to include something memorable — a game mode which is more difficult than other parts of the game on insane difficulty setting. A mode that is so tricky, even its creators couldn’t master it on their first attempt. Nor the tenth. – via Playstation.Blog 

So now that you have no confidence in yourself after reading that. Should you play it? Absolutely. Now, if you already own Sine Mora on PlayStation Vita, XBLA, or PC – I don’t think I can say you should double-dip. The new Challenge Mode is fantastic, yes – but it doesn’t offer a whole lot of new experiences other than the aforementioned frustration. If you have yet to buy the game, the PS3 Version is definitely the one to get as it has the complete package and at $9.99, is an absolute steal.

A PSN code for the game was provided by Reverb PR for Review purposes.