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SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny DLC and Season Pass detailed with a new patch deployed


Nordic Games is pleased to announce that, over the next three months, they will be releasing three episodic DLC packages with a season pass option for the critically acclaimed SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny on PC (Steam link).

Furthermore, patch 2.26 has been deployed which – among countless improvements – also contains the coop/“free game” mode for LAN- and Internet-Multiplayer games. Patch notes can be found

The first enthralling DLC released today is Flink’s Secret Diary, exploring the thrilling and humorous story of thief Flink McWinter. Providing approximately four hours of additional gameplay, players will take on the role of the famous thief and scoundrel who has been set the seemingly impossible task of recovering Order Master Matricus’s stolen Fire Ledger. Set in a world full of orcs, barbarians and thieves, players will also meet Flink’s mother, drink wine, meet women and enjoy music.

Flink’s Secret Diary DLC is out now priced USD 3.99, EUR 3.99, and £3.49. The second and third DLC packages will be available to buy on January 18th, 2013 and February 15th, 2013 respectively and will also be priced individually at USD 3.99, EUR 3.99, and £3.49. However those who are looking for a Christmas bargain can purchase the DLC season pass to receive all three for just USD 9.99 EUR 9.99, and £8.99.

Each set before Faith in Destiny, the DLC delves further into the mysterious worlds past. For the first time these three DLCs will allow people to play as one of the non-playable characters from the original story, rather than as the hero himself for a new twist in the tale.

“These great scenarios will allow players to assume characters that they weren’t able to play in the original game but still play with a genuine SpellForce feel,” said Gennaro Giani, Localization and Production Manager at Nordic Games. “There are many faithful SpellForce fans out there and it is important to us to give them something new and thrilling, while remaining true to the RPG and RTS genre that they love.”

SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny was released for PC in June. Players assume the role of a young man who is supposed to release the entire world of Eo from the threat of a new and nameless evil. Joining forces with a group of diverse heroes and a dragon as trustful companions, players fight to gain information about this mysterious new enemy and thereby discover your own true destiny.