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American McGee Launches a Kickstarter for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters


The Kickstarter for Akaneiro is now live here. I think it’s a unique Kickstarter because the product in question actually exists(!) and people are playing it now, but the Spicy Horse team would like to make it even more awesome than it is currently. Spicy Horse and American McGee have made some great games, others not. They’ve gone really far with this game and want to finish it and let more people play it.

What’s the purpose, then?

  • The game will be free to play
  • There will be a number of free maps players can play
  • The exact number of free maps will be determined in the upcoming open beta
  • Additional content will be available for purchase
  • This additional content can also be purchased by accruing the in-game currency, karma
  • Other items for sale will be cosmetic items and karma packs

How can you help?

Visit the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight pages. More importantly the Kickstarter one, but if it is funded – wouldn’t you like to see it on Steam?