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War of the Roses Expands Roster with New Scottish Mercenaries


With more knights falling in battle every day in War of the Roses, the online medieval battle game from Paradox Interactive, there is a pressing need to bolster the feuding armies of Lancaster and York. Paradox has released a new update to War of the Roses which adds new armor and weapons to the game, designed in the style of Scottish mercenaries from the middle ages. The “Gallowglass Mercenary Pack” has been released forWar of the Roses today, and can be downloaded as a free content update.

Covered in mail and ready to cut down Englishmen for cold hard coin, the Scottish Gallowglass mercenaries brought brute force and fighting spirit to the battlefields like none could. Now is your chance to become one of them, with the Gallowglass mercenary gear pack, which includes the Gallowglass mail armor and helmet. Two new axes are also available to wield, along with the deadly Halflang Sword, ready and able to slay any Englishman in its path.

The Gallowglass Mercenary Pack joins several other free additions that Paradox has released for War of the Roses since its debut in October 2012. Over the cruel winter months, players have gained access to new snow-covered maps, experienced the unforgiving “Pitched Battle” mode, and steadily gained more weapons, armor, and customization options. These additions and more are showcased in a new trailer for War of the Roses, available to watch here: