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Edge of Space shows off Box Art and New Screenshots


Reverb Publishing and HandyMan Studios is pleased to release the official box art and screenshots for upcoming sandbox survival adventure game Edge of Space. Available now in beta, players can purchase Edge of Space for a discount pre-order price of $9.99 before it shifts to $14.99 with launch.

Edge of Space is an open-world, dynamically-generated sandbox survival-adventure game set in deep space where humans were ever meant to travel. The entire game is built from the ground-up with multiplayer in mind, and the reactive environments ensure that all activities (crafting, building, setting traps, healing, etc.) are fast-paced and intense.

Edge of Space has been is on Valve’s Steam Greenlight project (, enabling members of the Steam community to vote for games that they’d like to see available on the service.

The Edge of Space beta is currently available for purchase at Desura ( and at Rain Digital Games (