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Dungeon Hearts launches on Steam and iPad, will charm your pants off

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Cube Roots and Devolver Digital have thrown down the gauntlet for puzzle game fans around the world and unleashed the spectacularly vibrant Dungeon Hearts on PC, Mac, and iPad. Devolver Digital’s newest indie release blends the strategic battle mechanics of a traditional JPRG with the frantic pace of a match-three puzzle game to create an imaginative and challenging experience unlike anything else. Combine dozens of different runes along the relentlessly flowing Fatestream and unleash powerful attacks and devastating combos on a colorful cast of foes. Strategy and speed are essential in conquering the Dark One as you build up your heroic team’s abilities and unlock special attacks and magical spells in this truly unique adventure.


“The term ‘unique’ is probably the most overused word in marketing copy for games, so Dungeon Hearts was a challenge to myself to create something that actually lived up to the word,” said Cube Roots founder Chris Pavia.

Originally pitched to Devolver Digital during GDC 2012 and signed the same day, Dungeon Hearts has come full circle by launching during GDC 2013. Developer Cube Roots has worked over the past year to expand and refine Dungeon Hearts to create a truly extraordinary experience that will challenge even the most savvy puzzle fan.

“If there’s one thing I like more than getting drunk and signing a game at GDC it’s getting drunk and signing a super awesome game at GDC,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker when reached for comment.

Dungeon Hearts is available now for PC and Mac via Steam and other digital services as well as iPad 2+ on the Apple App Store for $2.99.