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Wargame AirLand Battle: 10 vs 10 Multiplayer Mode Now Part of the Beta

The many players who pre-ordered Wargame AirLand Battle have had access, since last week, to the early access multiplayer Beta of the game. This week, they have a big surprise coming! The Beta now boasts its 10 versus 10 multiplayer mode, playable immediately! In this particularly ambitious multiplayer mode, an exceptional experience is offered to Wargame players and all strategy games fans.

While other modes of Wargame AirLand Battle were already emphasizing teamplay, this new mode climbs a step higher, offering great opportunities for players to plan elaborate tactics and large-scale strategies. All the strategic depth of the game really shines, coupled with the Army Deck system that has been made available with the latest Beta update. By creating their own Decks, the players may now specialize in various battle aspects such as airborne attacks, armored assaults, motorized infantry, or even taking care of the supply lines, all this to help their 10-man team win the biggest, most spectacular, and most strategic battles ever!

Wargame Airland Battle is currently under early access Beta phase. The game will be available for PC on May 22nd 2013.