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War of the Vikings now in Alpha for select players


Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a grinder of axes, today invited select players to try their upcoming title, War of the Vikings, in Closed Alpha Testing. Developed by Fatshark, War of the Vikings is built upon the same skill-driven close combat gameplay that powers War of the Roses, and extends Paradox’s War series into the brutal and bloody Viking Age. Players will be signing in to game servers today and putting the game’s features to the test, ensuring the axes fly true and the beards flow freely when the game launches.

The game’s first Closed Alpha will drop players into the Pitched Arena game mode, a harsh, fast-paced battle with no respawns with victory going to the last Viking or Saxon standing. Two maps will be on display, with three character classes available to choose from, giving testers the chance to experience a wide range of available weapons, perks, and play styles. The test will last until September 1, 2013, at 2:00 CEST

Players can apply to join the Alpha for War of the Vikings by heading to:

The intensity is greater and the beards are longer in War of the Vikings, where players must band together on the battlefields of 9th and 10th Century England and fight to conquer or defend Britannia. Environments, weapons, and visuals drawn from Viking Age history will immerse players in a bloody new conflict between the Vikings and the Saxons, with each warrior hand-designed by its player from a wide variety of customization options. Built on skill-driven gameplay and a deep combat system, War of the Vikings will bring close combat closer than ever.

Alpha players will have access to three classes for a broad sample of War of the Vikings’ play styles:

  • Warrior (Medium Class): An all-around warrior with medium armor, rampaging through the battlefield with a sword and shield, and throwing axes.
  • Huscarl (Heavy Class): A heavily armored juggernaut with charged up attacks whose two-handed axe will cut a path through his foes.
  • Scout (Light Class): A ranged fighter who picks off enemies with a longbow, but carries a light axe if things get a little too personal.

War of the Vikings is scheduled to release in Q1 2014.