Aug 28, 2013

Mionix ENSIS 320 Gaming Surface Review

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Retails for: $39.99
We Recommend: $31.99
  • Developer: Mionix
  • Genre: Hardware
  • Released: Aug 20, 2012
  • Platform: Windows
  • Reviewed: Windows

Gaming surfaces may seem like a gimmick, a way to fork up cash towards an object that is supposed to improve gameplay performance. After spending time with one, I have an opinion on it. Is it good or a bad one?


Swedish manufacturer, Mionix has produced the ENSIS 320. It’s a finely crafted piece of hardware made from aluminum alloy. It’s ridiculously thin and the rubber gripping on the underside make it stick to whatever surface as if you’d suction cupped it there. It barely moves unless you pick it up.

The ENSIS 320 is more than just a mouse pad, it reduces friction to a bare minimum. My mouse, the AVIOR 8200, glided right across it, as if it were air hockey. The surface in which your mouse reads from may be uneven due to wear and tear, such as a wooden desk with heat or condensation from drinks.


I was able to use the Mionix AVIOR 8200 (or NAOS 8500) software to actually test the surface. Without the surface, I got a score of: 6/10. With the ENSIS 320, I got a 9/10. I tested and retested, and couldn’t get the full 10/10 score. Regardless, the difference is very noticeable, especially after using the gaming surface, and then removing it. It feels like you’re moving a mouse across sandpaper.

I saw improvements in the games I played when the mouse met the surface. You don’t need a Mionix mouse for the Mionix gaming surface to work well, but it helps. Testing another mouse I had, did help in reduce the lag and overall sluggish feeling moving across the plain top.


If your desk is made of wood or other material that degrades over use and play PC games on a serious level, then this surface is for you. I’ve seen vast differences in the way my mouse responds. Mouse lag is reduced and hardly gets “stuck” due to the laser having issues reading the thing it is resting on. The price is a little steep, but that’s really the only problem with it. This is the one accessory you didn’t know you wanted, but that you need.

A hardware unit was provided by PR for review purposes