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Total War: ROME II releases Patch #1 to address pressing issues

At Creative Assembly we are working flat out to fix the 2% of ROME II players reporting technical problems, it is a minority of cases but it’s a minority we remain very unhappy about and are doing all we can to get them in-game as fast as possible with the entire team working on a series of patches that will hit weekly for the immediate future.

Patch 1 is out today and fixes include adjustments to performance for certain set-ups that will improve frame rates and DX10 issues. More details on our wiki here: 

Patch 2 is already in internal testing, and is expected to be publicly available as a beta on Monday, more news then but this patch is planned to include fixes for low-poly models viewed close-up, performance settings on certain hardware combinations and siege battle path-finding amongst other improvements. 

If you are experiencing graphical issues with ROME II, a number of fixes can be found on our forums at 

Meanwhile, expert modders, including Radious, .Mitch., and more, are already releasing mods to the base game. If you’d prefer more denarii, reduced tech costs or tweaks to battle speed, check out the forums for more info.