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GUNNAR Optiks now giving away an Xbox One and hosting another sale

Promo Starts: 11/22/2013  12:00:01 AM PST

Promo Ends: 11/23/2013  11:59:59 PM PST

Basically midnight on Thursday to midnight on Saturday

Products Featured:

·         40% off Paralex Lime Non-Rx

·         20% off Paralex Lime Rx

·         20% off SteelSeries Desmo Non-Rx

·         20% off SteelSeries Scope Non-Rx / Rx

·         20% off MLG Phantom (Onyx only) Non-Rx / Rx

·         20% off Vinyl (Onyx only) Non-Rx / Rx

Are all these discounts available in one place? YES, OF COURSE —> http://shop.gunnars.com/xbox-one/l/937

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