Mar 13, 2014

Surgeon Simulator performs on the iPad today

[responsive_youtube 17RY58OxS9w]

Following its critical and commercial success on PC & Mac, last year, Bossa Studios’ outrageous operation game Surgeon Simulator has been successfully transplanted onto iPad®, and is available now in the App Store, priced £3.99 / $5.99.

In the all-new touch screen version of Surgeon Simulator, players are tasked once more with taking urgent care of the world’s unluckiest patient, Bob, but this time using their own (trembling) hands!

Reprising the role of fumbling amateur physician, Nigel Burke, Surgeon Simulator now places players in the heart of the action. Featuring brand new touch controls, Nigel’s not-so-nimble fingers are now replaced by the player’s own dextrous digits, begging the question you’ve always pondered; “how hard could it be?””

As well as finding mad new methods with which to butcher poor Bob, Surgeon Simulator for iPad® also packs the operating theatre full of features, including:

  • The trusty Heart and Double-Kidney transplants from Surgeon Simulator 2013
  • Two new surgeries: Teeth and Eye transplants, to give Bob that real Hollywood look
  • Abandon the theatre confines and try your hand at operating on a moving trolley in the hospital corridors!
  • More than 50 new achievement to unlock
  • Record and upload your botched surgeries to delight (and horrify) your friends*
  • Multiplayer! Yes, multiplayer!
  • Plus loads more, but, shhh… let’s not spoil the surprise.