Jun 20, 2014

ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination leaves Early Access, fully releases on Steam


Stock up on your explosive ammo and get into the mutant blasting mood, as ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination is leaving Steam Early Access today and the full version of the game is now available. Since the beginning of Early Access, three epic boss fights have been added to the game along with an online co-op mode, sixteen new levels, and lots of fixes and tweaks based on community feedback. So prepare yourself for the full ZAMB! experience and recruit a friend to help you take down the mutant horde for good! There is also a brand new launch trailer for the game available to watch now. Check it out below for a few tips on exterminating biomutants before you plunge into the battlefield.

ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination is available now via Steam for $19.99. For more information on the game please visit: