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Alien: Isolation gets New Difficulties to Make it Harder, and Easier


Alien: Isolation players can download a new update for the game adding a new Nightmare difficulty mode that challenges all but the most proficient player to the ultimate Alien experience. And if the thought of a more aggressive Alien encounter causes sleepless nights, a new Novice difficulty mode is also available.

One of the most requested features from fans, Nightmare Mode ramps up the difficulty to a frightening level. Gamers with a strong disposition are challenged to venture into Sevastopol Station with a broken motion tracker featuring a distorted display and unreliable information. Resources are limited, androids and survivors are more deadly and the map systems have gone offline. The Alien AI has been upgraded, ramping up its aggression to punishing levels. It’s more adaptive, learning players’ tactics faster, has heightened senses and will give players no ‘second chance’ encounters. Nightmare Mode is the ultimate Alien experience.

Alongside Nightmare Mode is a new Novice Mode to help players stressed with some of the game’s trickier sections. Players are offered more resources and ammunition, weaker androids and survivors, and the Alien will be a little more forgiving, distracted more easily and less aggressive in his hunting style.

This free update is released today across all formats.