Dec 17, 2014

Clockwork Empires receives December Update, for science and exploration!



… it’s a thing!


Major New Features

  • Naturalists will now explore, study nature, and find weird artifacts!
  • Added Laboratories and Scientists to study weird artifacts / do Science!
  • (Coincidentally) your colonists might transform into (more) monsters if certain conditions are met.
  • Buildings, Modules, and Zones can be dismantled: Build, dismantle, then rebuild your colony to be more perfect!

Detailed changelog:


  • FIXED: OS X Lua errors
  • FIXED: Some heap corruption (this was actually horrible)
  • FIXED: pathing stall

In English: Things are better and more stable.


  • extended a game day/night cycle from 6 to 8 minutes total
  • day/night ratio is now 3:1 rather than 5:1
  • made night slightly lighter (so you can see better)
  • added flax plants as valid crop to both biomes
  • new hematite node textures
  • removed the horrible grass lump from a lower dimension
  • naturalists may discover that random rocks are actually an ore node


  • animals will now eat crops & applicable food items
  • animal hunger tracking overhauled
  • colonists will shoo bad animals away from crops & applicable food items
  • ground fowl will create nests
  • animals flee from danger more effectively
  • added eating animation for foxes


  • FIXED: listening to a sermon caused colonist’s bodies to explode
  • made lots more jobs uninterruptable for gossiping (may pull back on this a bit depending on how it works)
  • fixed up “return to civilization” job (w/ some backend to detect civ at start position)
  • converted food to roughly require 1 unit per day per colonist rather than referenceless nutrional value system; changed descriptions of food to reflect this
  • balance: whether it is night or not now affects a lot of character jobs & behaviours
  • further overhauling of sleeping/hunger & related activities rebalanced
  • job made to dump undesirable corpses outside of ‘civilization’ area
  • FIXED: session boolean values (eg. “isNight”) were not being weighted correctly with negative weights
  • FIXED: chapels / vicars work again
  • colonists will forage for food if starving


  • FIXED: “wield firearm” requirement wasn’t fulfilling, subtly messing up everything to do with using firearms under many conditions
  • gunfire, explosions, and combat will now wake people up
  • sleep being interrupted will create a negative memory
  • military training now gives a bonus to all damage dealt
  • hunters now target the closest animal and shouldn’t switch targets randomly anymore
  • added melee version of frontier justice job for military
  • added a faster item drop triggered when enemy is nearby
  • fleeing/fighting requires no item in hand (uses faster item drop)
  • FIXED: people running away forever to the edge of the map
  • bullet system converted to military supply system
  • soldiers will do more damage if their NCO has appropriate traits
  • soldiers will do more damage if they have appropriate traits


Eldritch Stuff / Monsters

  • FIXED: fishpeople can be butchered through left-click orders
  • resized fishy idol (it was too big!)
  • successful cultist murder will increase cultist_power
  • added some random hidden artifacts to map
  • gave artifacts descriptions
  • added chance to find artifacts during normal digging
  • Colonists will occasionally turn to fishpeople and run into the sea


  • FIXED: “make planks” job order scripterror
  • added bolts of cloth to starting loadout; beds now require cloth
  • “Burial” job balanced slightly to be less appealing, especially if the corpse is far away. Won’t be done by military (to fix NCO death/burial/replacement cycle)
  • added “confession” job (for Vicar to take confessions from sad people)
  • added Textiles Workshop & jobs
  • added Spinning Mule to Textile Workshop
  • new hematite commodity model/texture
  • cancelling a building now removes the building footprint
  • building footprints now stored in game spatial dictionary, as well as their platform heights
  • FIXED: ghostly images of church modules do not show up at the correct height in the module creator
  • Added new zone control panel stuff; farm controls upgraded
  • added some naturalism jobs; Naturalists will study nature
  • exploration beacon more responsive
  • added Laboratory building
  • added “Macroscope” module to Laboratory to use for studying things
  • Workcrew can be assigned to Laboratory
  • added Scientist class
  • added Laboratory Assistant class
  • paintings now have descriptions based on the memories and important life events of the painter.
  • Modules can now be dismantled
  • Buildings can now be dismantled


  • bandits: reduced change to spawn armoured bandit (50% rather than 100%)
  • bandits will now prioritize better commodities (especially hard liquor) (Thanks Samut. Again.)
  • balance: bandits won’t attack on day 1, can only attack with min. numbers on day 2 ; increased bandit timer
  • balance: Bandits given less desire to shoot fleeing targets, more desire to shoot military targets
  • added airdrop crate & animation (supply drops will now use crates)
  • supply drop now tells you how many items you received
  • random immigration now tells you the job class of immigrants received
  • added Favours! get them from the Empire depending upon your prestige


  • correctly hooked up pumpkin pie icon
  • flax straw now has an icon (plus some other tools & commodities)
  • added a bunch of icons for buildings & modules, fixed lots of icons for buildings & modules
  • reduced character memories display to 8 from 10 (it overflowed the window)
  • Colonists button rolled into Population Counter widget.

Visual Effects

  • dust particles thickened (this is important)