Dec 23, 2014

Etherium – First Gameplay Trailer shows Weather, Factions, Tactics, Ground, and Space Battles


While the development of Etherium is coming to a close, the new real-time strategy game for PC from Tindalos Interactive unveils its very first gameplay video! Slated for release very early next year, Etherium unveils through 4 minutes of gameplay sequences, captured from a nearly final version of the game, its gameplay mechanics.

No post-production, mere commented gameplay, illustrating the richness of Etherium and its gameplay subtleties: discover its 3 playable factions and their specificities, the command skills, the sub-factions you can recruit, or the different weather events and their impact on the gameplay. Discover also all the depth of the game, withdifferent ways to gain victory – by running up-front assaults on the enemy main colony, or by directly attacking their command fleet –but also its “Conquest” mode! In this mode, a real galactic conquest awaits you. Plan your tactic in turn-based, building invasion fleets, developing your technology tree to unlock new units and skills, spying on the enemy and sabotaging them, and ultimately invading their territories and planets in real-time strategic mode!