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Donate to War Child and you’ll help kids in conflict zones all while having a Chance to Win Prizes

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The beginning of the New Year is usually a time of peace and rest. But at 11 bit studios we believe that there’s always time to help with a good cause! That’s why we are proud to present another chapter of our cooperation with War Child charity foundation.

From the 15th to the 29th of January we encourage everyone to donate money to the charity using our dedicated site By doing that, you can help children all around the world that suffer during all kinds of conflicts. The money will be used to provide medical help, schooling and other things required to provide them a chance for better future. But that’s not all of it!

Everyone that donates at least 1 USD will be eligible to take part in a raffle with valuable gaming gear! Thanks to generous sponsors, every participant will have a chance to win one of those prizes:

  • 1x Alienware 14” laptop
  • 1x NVIDIA Geforce GTX980 graphic card
  • 1x NVIDIA Shield tablet + Shield controller
  • 10x Steelseries Stratus controller
  • 10x Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism gaming headset
  • 25x codes for This War of Mine

Everything that you need to know, including the donation link and terms of the raffle can be found at