Feb 23, 2015

Trash TV is out on Steam today


UK-based indie game developer Lawrie Games Ltd. and indie partner Reverb Triple XP are pleased to announce that the puzzle platformer Trash TV is available now on Steam. A finalist of Intel’s “Level Up 2011” contest, Trash TV takes players to the dark bowels of a recycling center where our hero – an abandoned, outdated tube television – is on a singular mission. Find his original remote, become fully functional, and loved once more!

“It’s pretty amazing that this little game I made for a hobby will now be played all over the world,” said Lawrence Russell, founder and sole developer at Lawrie Games, Ltd. “And I really think people are going to enjoy both the clever puzzles and the overall atmosphere I was going for with Trash TV. It was a great experience making this game and I hope gamers will have appreciate the quirky humor and fun gameplay experience.”

Cast away into a recycling center, Trash TV players take on the role of an old-fashioned tube television animated to life for a specific purpose – to find its original remote control and become operational again. Straighten the antenna then navigate through a maze of puzzles and use various weapons to find explosive solutions!

Trash TV Key Features

  • Weapon Solutions: Take control of eight powerful weapons ranging from pistols, paired Uzi machineguns, shotguns, and rocket launchers to solve clever puzzles. Oh, and of course – blow $#!% up.
  • Six Locations to Explore: Traverse six different areas, each with their own devious traps, obstacles and enemies.
  • Explosive Puzzle Solving: Use your arsenal of weaponry in a myriad of ways to get through tough obstacles, devious traps, and malfunctioning machines.
  • Thematic Visuals: Stylized visuals to match the tube television main character, bars ‘n tone screens, and static noise transitions.
  • Ambient Soundtrack: A chilling ambient soundscape adds to the “machine graveyard” background of the recycling factory levels.

To commemorate the launch of this charming indie puzzle platformer, Trash TV is now available for a limited time price of $4.99 on Steam (regularly $6.99).