Mar 05, 2015

Latest (Last?) Cities: Skylines Developer Diary discusses Colossal Order’s attention to detail to integrate water systems meaningfully


Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order, rumored to be secretly constructing the eighth wonder of the world, have today released the final installment of their video developer diary series for Cities: Skylines, the highly anticipated city simulation game for PC, Mac and Linux set to break ground on March 10th!

Lifting the lid on a variety of clever systems within the game to make your job of building your perfect working metropolis as streamlined as possible, the brand new video diary highlights that Cities: Skylines isn’t just a looker but has smarts too!

Never before seen in a city builder, Cities: Skylines contains the first integrated Dynamic Water System giving all the rivers and estuaries within the game real-world mass and direction. This will mean that you must think carefully where to place your water services to ensure that your city’s waste will go downstream and that you don’t pollute your population’s water supply!

The video developer diary also explores Zoning within the game, built to enable you to reasonably simulate a realistic city of up to one million people, along with the District Tool and the Economic Simulation model.

Players of Cities: Skylines will have total control in endless sandbox city-building gameplay across massive maps, allowing them to design and manage the metropolis of their dreams. Vast backdrops and maps provide players with countless ways to improve and expand their cities, while extensive modding support allows players to design everything from in-game parks and buildings to new landscapes.