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Take On Mars gets Survival Features in New Update


Bohemia Interactive today released an update for its Early Access title Take On Mars. The update equips all Take On Mars players with the ability to grow plants that produce consumable food. From now on, players will also need to be careful about their hydration and general health status.
The update is a first glance at the advanced survival features planned for Take On Mars – when combined with features that were previously available in the game (like the pressurised buildings, properly simulated Martian gravity and advanced physics of world objects), players will now be able to experience some new challenges that future colonists would likely be facing on Mars.

As well as that, the contents of this new update will be showcased in a developer livestream on Friday, March 20th at 15:00 UTC. The session will be hosted by Bohemia Interactive’s Associate Producer Matt Lightfoot and the Take On Mars Project Lead – Martin Melichárek aka Dram.

“We would love to show the new content to players directly in the multiplayer mode, so that they can have a first-hand experience with how it works and what it brings to the game. And one more thing: we will try to provide our fans with an update on how the development is going in general. I want to talk about the challenges we are facing and how our small development team is dealing with them – we want to keep our players in the loop” said Melichárek.

The livestream will be broadcasted over the Bohemia Interactive Twitch channel at

Some of the highlights from this updates changelog:

  • Implemented water and hydration
  • Implemented vitamin intake
  • Implemented growing of crops in a Hydroponics Station (from seed to plant to edible food)
  • Implemented realistic sound simulation (disabled by default, can be enabled in options)
  • Added a compatibility-oriented MP save/scenario load system that respawns vehicles and characters to ensure they are the newest
  • Added moving of items between inventories, for example the Airlock Suit Holder, which now refills your suit with O2
  • Implemented saving/loading of passengers in vehicles, no more having to jump out of vehicles before saving in multiplayer
  • Fixed Mars 3/Prop-M sequence not deploying correctly
  • Support for various hard drive format sizes (fixes startup issue for many)
  • Added Topsoil Extractor for harvesting Mars Soil
  • Added Resource Tank capable of storing up to 9500L of resource
  • Optimized light, dependent on Light Detail setting in Options
  • Added Rock Reducer tools for reducing rocks in a map file (for modders)
  • Heavy location optimizations (result on Cydonia was increase from 24 to 60+ fps!)
  • Added using Methane and Oxygen as fuel for vehicles (must be produced from available resources)
  • Added Isidis Planitia Multiplayer scenario
  • Added Ptolemaeus Crater Multiplayer scenario
  • New vehicle -Manned Cargo Transport
  • Spawn/respawn in Landing Module in Multiplayer