Apr 16, 2015

Lux Delux, a 2005 IGF Finalist release on Steam May 1st


Sillysoft is proud to announce our turn-based strategy game of world domination Lux Delux will make its Steam debut on May 1st for PC, Mac OS and Linux platforms.

The 2005 IGF finalist inspired by classic board games of risk and conquest has grown over the last decade into a powerhouse. Following a successful campaign on Steam Greenlight, the indie cult-classic now features over 900 maps, an online multiplayer league, a map editor, random map generators, an AI SDK, biohazard mode, and more.

Lux Delux will be offered as a single package on Steam that packs Lux’s 2 expansion campaigns: American History Lux and Ancient Empires Lux. Featuring hand-crafted journeys back in time through the wars that have shaped America and the world.

The Steam edition will also include support for cross-platform multiplayer between the 3 platforms, online multiplayer leaderboards, Steam Achievements, and Trading Cards.

You can learn more on the Steam page: