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The Cosmos is MINE! is coming to Steam Early Access April 24th


Australian indie developer Playcorp, and Reverb Triple XP, a veteran team that helps independent development studios launch and market video games, are excited to announce The Cosmos is MINE!, a real-time strategy game that combines quirky humor and the highly-stylized art of 50’s cult science fiction. The Cosmos is MINE! will be launching on Steam Early Access on Friday, April 24.

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“Early Access enables us to tune, tinker with, and test gameplay mechanics so we can strike a balance for all players. With The Cosmos is MINE!, we’re in love with the concept of a two-method system to victory in a strategy game as it’s important to us for the mechanics of the game to match the theme of space-faring capitalism,” said Eamon Logue, designer and producer at Playcorp. “Our goal with this game is ambitious: develop a real-time strategy game that is fun for both hardcore fans of the genre and gamers new to strategy games.”

Taking place in an alternate 1950’s universe, The Cosmos is MINE! is a multiplayer real-time strategy game where gamers control a galactic prospecting team in an interstellar resource war against other greedy space miners. The survival of humankind depends on a rare and valuable resource, Animus, that has revolutionized the way humans power advanced technology like space travel. Mega-corporation TransOrbital loans out necessary mining equipment to players as they travel to distant planets to locate and mine Animus. In order to keep equipment and renew the necessary prospectors licenses, you must meet Animus quotas imposed by TransOrbital. If Animus quotas are not achieved, prospectors will have their licenses revoked and will be kicked off the planet. Worse yet, you won’t have your valuable TransOrbital stock options fully vested!

Don’t let other prospectors get in the way of making the cosmos yours! In addition to the quota challenge, players must defend their claim against other competing prospectors – either outlast opponents by forcing TransOrbital to take away their mining contracts or build up a super-aggressive army then kick other prospectors off the planet.

The Cosmos is MINE! will launch on Steam Early Access for PC on April 24 at the early entry price of $9.99.