May 26, 2015

Magnetic: Cage Closed is released onto PC today

Embrace your positive and negative sides in Magnetic: Cage Closed, the moral-puzzler from the ambiguous souls at Guru Games and publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment. With only a disembodied warden and a prison psychologist for company, your unpredictable journey through the ever-shifting environs of Facility 7 begins today, with Magnetic: Cage Closed available for €14.99 and in a special Collector’s Edition for €19.99. (

Players step into the prison fatigues of jailed con XE 47623, serving time for crimes unknown, who comes into possession of the prototype Magnet Gun under the ever-watchful eye of a sadistic warden. Whether it’s all just a game or a real opportunity for redemption remains to be seen. Along the way the player will master the magnetic properties of the one-of-a-kind weapon to manipulate objects and environments, solve increasingly tricky puzzles, and bust out of the sombre steel hell.

Critics have lauded the game as “ingenious” and “rewarding”, but why let them have all the fun? With each playthrough players will walk a unique puzzle-platform path through the game’s branching storyline, navigating not only the vast number of inventive conundrums, but also moral decisions with potentially grave consequences.