Jun 17, 2015

Need For Speed E3 2015 Preview


After a short gameplay video (which was the same video from EA’s Press Conference, they showed off the game. And I can confirm that what was seen in the video is exactly how the game looks. It is absolutely stunning. Need For Speed is back, which is a reboot for the series that covers the series’ expansive history, hoping to do something for every kind of player.

Ghost Games showed off the five ways to play the game: Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw. These five styles represent the series as a whole, covering the five cultures of racing. There are dailies that can be completed, allowing reasons to turn the game on day-to-day to receive rewards outside of other updates the game will receive.

Getting my hands-on with the game, they were running on PlayStation 4s at 30fps, and the game’s engine uses Frostbite 3. There was five cars to choose from, and we were given 3 minutes to customize our cars, I chose the 2015 Ford Mustang GT. I gave it a wide-body kit, and customized the paint, rims, rim color, and spoiler. The details for these customizations are insane, allowing you to upgrade individual parts and install separate rims on the front to the back.

The developer wanted to make note, that during the FMV cutscenes, *your* car will be featured during the cutscenes, so that you feel a personal connection all throughout the game as you play. It’s a neat touch.

After the customization portion was done, we were given 7 minutes to play the game. While there were 7 other people with me, my time was with seven AI drivers provided stiff competition. The gameplay has an open-world similar to that of NFS Most Wanted or NFS Rivals. You just pull up to an event, and press R1 and you’re off. The only bug or issue I noticed, is that R1 is also the camera change button. So whatever camera view you had when you pressed R1, will be different when the event starts. It’s a small problem, but one I hope gets addressed.

I had tuned the Mustang to be more grippy, and it was very responsive. Despite being a rear-wheel drive vehicle, it never got away from me, or spun out. I always managed to feel in control of my vehicle at all times, which allowed me to get a very close 2nd spot in the overall demo leaderboards.

Need For Speed feels very solid, and will be appreciated by all fans of the series. The controls feel tight when you want them to be tight, and allows you to go as deep as you want with the customization, but is all optional. From the outset, this game is a vast improvement over NFS Rivals.