Jun 19, 2015

World of Tanks (Xbox One) E3 2015 Preview


Wargaming briefly showed off World of Tanks on Xbox One. This is coming July 10th for pre-download and there will be special events that weekend. For the rest, the game will be available in full on July 28th for Xbox One. Everyone benefits by this coming to current-gen consoles.

World of Tanks for Xbox One has been brought over and substantially updated visually from its Xbox 360 counterpart. There’s much more destructibility this time around (such as our demonstrator Jamie King killing many a tree). Graphically this game is gorgeous and comparable to its PC cousin.

New to World of Tanks as a whole, is PvE or Player vs Environment. This allows a team of players to fight against bots with mission objectives. Also, there’s tutorials to teach the game to veterans and beginners. This is also a great way to play the game with new tank lines, without having to go into battle and potentially embarrass yourself.

And probably the biggest announcement to come out of this, was that World of Tanks will be cross-platform on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In addition, your progress carries over from the Xbox 360 version.

If you’ve been waiting to get started in World of Tanks, now is the time. This is a great free-to-play game whether you play on PC, Xbox 360, or Xbox One coming up. Wargaming is doing some really great things, and it is worth checking out.