Jul 10, 2015

Spectra is Now Available on PC and Xbox One


Surge through lanes of hazard-strewn neon, speakers swelling to the beat of Chipzel, and skim the edges of death to wreck the high score. Spectra is available today for Xbox One and PC.

Roiling beneath Spectra’s minimalist design is an experience of uncompromising challenge. Inspired by early arcade racers,Spectra demands perfection, rewarding those willing to master its intricacies and risk everything to boost their scores and unlock the relentless difficulty of Hardcore mode.

Featuring an original, 10-song soundtrack by Chipzel (Super Hexagon), courses are newly-generated for each game session to match the intensity of the music. Forget about memorization. InSpectra, skill, reflexes, and tenacity are all that matter.

Highlighted Features
– Fast and deadly, high-score racing.
– Regular and unlockable Hardcore modes.
– Original, 10-song soundtrack by Chipzel.

From Gateway Interactive and Mastertronic, Spectra is available now on PC through Steam and Xbox One.